Balans Soho Society Clapham: A Pleasant Surprise

After going for my longest run (I ran 8k last Sunday, guys, and so this is happening, I’m feeling so proud of myself) I wanted to treat myself with a nice brunch. Boyfriend got it for him, too. You know, it was Sunday, I had earned it, it was the beginning of the end of the bank holiday — I had listened in the radio that after 2pm it would start raining until the work week starts again on Tuesday. How disappointing, that’s the sort of thing that needs fast action: brunch on the way.

Even though my other half was quite upset to hear I wanted something light whereas he was craving some heavy Sunday roast or perhaps a Full English… He agreed: I pay, I decide. We ended up popping by Balans Soho Society in Clapham, seeming to be being a mix of both cravings.

(But to be fair, we chose it just because we found a table outdoors. Remember? Last glimpse of sunshine.)

But what a pleasant surprise!

We had an outstanding friendly service, and it’s a shame I forgot our waiter’s name. As always, we hear what it’s the house recommendation: it was the Grape & Kiwi Kooler, a grape & kiwi mocktail just on point of being refreshing for the Summer-ish humid hot weather we had.

Grape & Kiwi Kooler. Super instagrammable mocktail.


My other half had the food he suggested, The High Society Eggs Benedict, with an iced latte which wasn’t on the menu but they happily added on last minute for us and others around. And I had a very good quinoa and avocado on sourdough toast, with fresh cherry tomatoes and halloumi, adding a dash with pesto & balsamic vinegar.

No, seriously. Take a look and see it yourself!

The star, with the eggs benedict at the back

At home, I found out that Balans is actually a chain, kind of restaurant-brunch place during the day and it turns into a night out when the sun goes down. There are other branches in Shepherd’s Bush, Soho, Seven Dials, Kensington and Stratford.

Definitely worth a visit – I even decided to do their membership card, which gives you £25 off when you accumulate £250 on it. I guess I’ll have some other brunches to top that up…

Balans Soho Society Clapham
16A Clapham Common South Side, London SW4 7AB
Website | Directions
Price ££ (£32 , brunch for 2)


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