365 days, a single resolution

Yes, I am one of the kind who gets fulfilled with a feeling of “new beginnings” on the 1st of January. I know, it’s just one of many social conventions we have as a society – well, isn’t it anything more than the day that a random guy decided that would be the first one?

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 22.39.13.png
The first sunset of 2017 in Europe for me, seen from my flight Paris – London

Perhaps it’s because I had a REALLY SHITTY year last year. I mean, 2016 was pretty much fucked up for a lot of people. Seriously: Brexit, Trump, Dilma’s impeachment – just to raise a few of many disappointing events that happened in 2016.

Even when the world political situation isn’t quite encouraging, sometimes our personal lives take over and fulfil our hearts with hope. For me, that wasn’t the case. The very first big health problem in my life, a big crisis in my relationship, a very challenging year at work with some fails on my side, the loss of a beloved relative. Just the fact that I’m numerically apart from all those events makes me feel damn good.

After trying multiple lists at the end of every year, in 2017 I have set just one goal, split in four parts:

Buy less, travel more. Get rid of things, collect more memories.

Buy less. I was never a shopaholic, and kind of always travel addicted. Living in the UK made me much more aware of consumerism, not to mention everyday waste and excesses of developed countries. Here, it seems to be much about the P’s (packages, plastics, pots) and less about the R’s (recycle, reuse, reutilise).

Therefore, I made a list of things I want to buy this year. It’s less than 10 items that I know I need to invest on. I have kept it in a box. In the meantime, I’m doing my best not to buy stuff (apart from food, of course) and writing down all my purchases so far. So that I’ll compare both lists in the last day of 2017.

Travel more. I’ve never regretted any of my travels, even the ones that didn’t quite turn out as expected. It’s my passion, what moves me, and I bought my first trip of 2017 when it was still 2016. Long in advance, so that I can actually afford travelling in one of the few bank holidays in the U.K.. I can make it, and I must take the opportunity to visit places since a lot of interesting cities, towns and countries aren’t much further than a 3-hour flight from London.

Get rid of things. Getting rid of at least one thing every month, reducing stuff around me. This one I  hope to share in this blog – what I chose each month, why I chose it and why I’m disposing it. Expect more on this topic very soon…

Collect more memories. Last, but not least, I’m collecting one good memory every day, posted on a hashtag #365stripolias. It’s a small project to have something good to remember every day next year.

And you? What is your goal in 2017?


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