#TheCappuccinoSeries: Story Coffee

On a corner at St. John’s Hill there is Story Coffee, a hidden precious cafe near Clapham Junction. (Don’t move South, they say…). Story Coffee.

First, I must say: I went there on a Tuesday morning, at 11 am, with a friend. Quite an unusual day and time to be around Clapham. It’s just that I was still on medical leave (that’s a topic for another post), and I really wanted to catch up with dear friend who has just recently left her job.

Perfect excuse to go out on a late morning workday, close to home, for a warming cappuccino.

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And what a pleasant surprise! It’s a shame, actually, that I need to get on a bus to go there – I’d love to have a place like this closer, for lazy weekend coffee breaks. It has surpassed  Brickwood on my list of cafes in Clapham, although I’d still visit the latter more often because it’s closer.

It’s a very small cafe, but the atmosphere is great for a quick read or a catch up. Bright, clean design, super friendly staff and the coffee?


Close to perfection.

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Menu and happy little flowers. ❤

It’s a shame that I couldn’t order anything from their food menu because it was still hard to eat after the surgery. I’ve read reviews on Yelp and Foursquare and they’re all positive.

There are gluten free options (hipster at its best, I know).

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Also, I must say that bike-friendly places win my heart at the start. Or at least they gain 5 extra points. There are bike hacks, several of them, just in front of the cafe – and if they’re all full there are a couple more across the street or a short walk away.

When waiting for my friend, there was also this book on the side, ready to be explored by customers waiting for their lattes:

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Love, love, love.

I remember noticing the soundtrack (and wanting to get Shazam to work), but the chat was better. I’ve learned to put the mobile away when with other people. Let it remain like that.

Personally, it was amazing to see the life in Clapham happening while most of us go to our jobs in the City. Small business owners meeting with potential clients, nannies being interviewed. Moms with their babies, meeting their friends or just out to enjoy a little treat… then I realised something that I’d never thought before (but if you’re a mom you probably know that): it’s important to go to places with a room, as in, space, in the ladies/gents. So that when parents are out with their babies, there is enough space to bring the trolley with them when they go to the loo. Simple, right? The week after I went to a cafe near Southwark, a restaurant in Soho, another cafe in Fitzrovia… and realised  that isn’t common. Definitely. And it really makes a difference.

Atmosphere: clean. almost scandinavian.
Vegan options: yes for drinks, unsure for food. They have vegetarian.
Gluten free options: yes.
Pet friendly: not sure.
Wi Fi: yes
Long term work: no

Story Coffee Clapham
115 St John’s Hill
SW11 1SZ – Take me there

Weekdays 7–4, Sat/Sun 9–6

Instagram | Facebook



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