The beauty in our London Skies

There are a few options to see London from above, from the tourist traps to hipster rooftop cinemas.

Either way, forget the Shard, which charges a outrageous ~£30-something just for a few seconds at a platform that isn’t even at the top of the building. And the rooftop cinema will probably overcharge you for an old film you’ve already seen, with no chance of being spontaneous. I mean, you might not even get the tickets unless you book weeks in advance.

Save your precious pounds to spend them on treats to yourself.

Here are my picks:

1. Sky Gardens

In the heart of the City of London.

Breathtaking views, if the weather permits, for drinks or a fancy dinner… During the summer, live music goes from 6pm on.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
From Sky Gardens

Breathtaking views if the weather permits, of course.

Want to do it differently? Book a yoga class at 6.30 am and see the sunset from there. It is worth the £15.

2. Madison Tapas and Cocktail Bar

My favourite. Not only because it’s where I had my first date with my boyfriend… but also because it’s chilled.

It is also hidden. It’s on the top of a shopping mall. No one can tell there is such a relaxed place up there.

Prices are also quite reasonable for such a special place. £8 for a cocktail, which is not too bad for central London.

You can walk from the Sky Gardens to Madison. Impress your friends visiting the city in a fancy rooftop pub crawl.

You know the sunlight always shines
Behind the clouds of London Skies….


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