The Dairy: Seasonal British Restaurant

A lovely workmate invited me to have brunch at this place in Clapham because she has read about it and it was really good. In my 6754th attempt to make life right again in 2016, I joined after a run (!) at Clapham Common Park.

Yes, you read it right. I went on a run on Saturday mo. I really wanted to make my life right.

I obviously failed fast, by the afternoon, after cooking pancetta and peas risotto to Netflix and chill.

The Dairy

Brunches are meals that fancy people have in weekends. Instead of steak, they have tartare. Drinks? Mimosas.

We got some small plates to share with white wine and rosé. Because.


My friends know me – I am not a high cuisine connoisseur. I just enjoy the little things in life. A treat here, another treat there. Well, isn’t it what life is for?

So this is my feeling about The Dairy.

TheDairy_beetroot_liverI always wanted to try their food because they are always full booked. My boyfriend and I tried twice to pop up there casually in a Friday evening spontaneously. “Let’s just try something new nearby” mood. But there are never tables available.

I can understand why. It’s about the details. A delicate touch. Example: great sourdough bread to start. That is expected, isn’t it? When you go for a nice restaurant. But The Dairy has an amazing smoked home made butter to go with. Better than great quality olive oil as default.

Just different.

Small local place with very high quality ingredients and friendly staff. Slow mood. Love it.

Anyway, I guess it isn’t a place for dinner. Brunch is just perfect. Less crowded, more exclusive. We were inside, as it was chilly for outdoor tables. It would be lovely to be by the sun, though.

Cutlery that reminded me of my mom’s special plates and forks that she would only allow us to lay on the table for Christmas and New Years Eve. If we were lucky, mom and dad’s anniversary.

Soundtrack could be better, though. I can’t remember specifically what they were playing, but I remembered it was annoying. (If that is what remains, it wasn’t good).

Try the beetroot tartare and the liver spread.

It is a little pricey. But again… A treat here, another treat there. Well, isn’t it what life is for?

The Dairy

15 The Pavement, London, Clapham SW4 0HY
Website | Tel: 0207 622 4165 | Directions

Price: £££ (£45 tasting menu with 5 courses)
Needs booking? Yes for dinner; you might be lucky at lunch
When? Brunch with friends, after a run.


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