Random thoughts I’ve had today

Managing my own time to juggle a lot of responsibility in my part-time job and my MA commitments (including a 15,000-word dissertation) gave me a great skill to turn any place into my office: coffee shops, libraries, museums, parks, my bedroom, my living room, my garden… it also gave me an amazing ability to lose myself in completely random thoughts in my head, a fertile ground for a forrest of creativity.

I bet I can reach the junction before that woman who is walking 5 meters in front of me.

How many people are there, right now, under the ground in London?

And inside planes over London? Europe? Worldwide?

I bet that guy is wearing informal socks despite his fancy branded grey suit… yep. I told you. Englishmen are always wearing fun socks. I have to write about this in my blog.

Okay. I’ll race with this woman. 3… 2… 1… go.

F********…. next bus is in 10 minutes… If I wait for it, would it be faster than walking 12 minutes and go by tube? (this is something that will be unanswered FOREVER)

A whole day raining in London and I don’t have an umbrella. Of course I am soaked… but if I buy one, it won’t rain for weeks.

Uh, gonna Snapchat that.

How would I react if I walked by a Spice Girl now?

YEAH!!!! I won! Got here first. Gold medal for me. (If I do Usain Bolt’s pose, will people think I am stupid?)


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