Londoners, or call us armadillos

Today there is a tube strike happening here in London. Tube workers are protesting for better work conditions and a raise for the ones that will work on night shifts starting next month, when some tube lines start their non-stop service. (Yes, I know, it’s great that we’ll have tube 24/7 here, but let’s give them a decent pay so we can all go home safe and sound). armadilloYet, I am writing this because what blows my mind is how many people are on streets today. Seriously, a lot of people. We don’t realise that a lot of us are underground because, you know, it’s normal. Now that this means of transportation is not available for a day, it’s clear: some thousands are commuting and we don’t see them. Can you imagine how many people are underground in London in a regular day? It’s just as crazy as thinking about how many people are in the sky at this exact moment, flying. Now that tubes aren’t available, they come to above. Then we realise: so. many. people. Call us armadillos. Coming from under the ground… By the way, check this real time graphic map that shows in real time people swearing at the tube strike on Twitter. It’s so cool. real time tube map Yes, this is my feelings towards tourists today __________ The picture that opens this post is from Twitter / Geoffrey Barraclough: Oxford Circus last July, just before last tube strike


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