5 things I love in London

Following my last post with 5 things that are better in Brazil than in the UK, I decided to write my favourite 5 things of living in London (because the 5 things I love the most in the UK deserve another list, of course — in which Pimms, the cover image of this post, will be included.). Here we go:

1. Transportation. It is AMAZING not to hassle with transport as I was used to because basically you can get anywhere in, let’s say, 50 minutes. I am so used to this, combing routes by bus, tube and trains, that sometimes my journey is expected to take 40 minutes and I think it is too much. Of course, there are some disruptions in the system – like tomorrow, when a tube strike is planned. Or when a bus just stops in the middle of nowhere and ask you to get off because the journey is terminating. And of course it is so freaking expensive. Yet, I love it.

2. Trendy cafes everywhere. It is very easy to find a nice place to have a cafe and work. No matter where you are. Usually there are alternatives to milk, sometimes, more than one – which is great for a lactose intolerant like I am. Not to mention the pastries! Last Saturday, for example, I was kicked off the library (yes, Saturday and Library in the same sentence with ‘kicked off’, I am working hard for this) and after walking 5 minutes I found a nice cafe where I stopped to move on with my work. With wifi. Friendly staff. For #TheCappuccinoSeries, soon.

cappuccino series Grind Coffee holborn


3. Do whatever you want, as long as you don’t bother me, it’s fine. This city is a synonym for freedom. You are a man and you want to wear a skirt? Go for it. You are homosexual want to hold hands with your loved one? Go for it. No one gives a thing, as long as you are respecting others. I absolutely love this.

4. Architecture. Forget the Buckingham Palace. There are plenty of stunning buildings in London, full of history. What is so charming about London is the small buildings is that every house has it’s story. Some of them have even a blue plaque in which they write the history of the owner, or tenant, or anything related to the properties — such as this one below.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.44.27

cute charming houses survived the hectic history of East London, by the river, near Tate Modern

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.44.34

this was in Kensington. Quite posh for Gandhi.

5. Parks. Once I read an article mentioning that London had one of the biggest green areas for a capital city. This is so true – not only are there trees everywhere on streets, parks are part of the London lifestyle. During the summer they are the perfect place for family picnics, dates, barbecues. During the rest of the year they are londoners’s gym. Flowers and gardens are also common, by the way, making them even more beautiful.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.44.18Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.44.02

To read, to chill, to exercise: Parks are Londoners’s backyards.

BONUS: Good (and affordable) opportunities of high quality entertainment. There are so many places for movies, plays, dance, museum. Public museums are free, too. There is always something to check in the city. I would recommend the Southbank Centre (where I did my internship). Check their regular and Festivals agenda in their website — I’ve recently been in an unforgettable cabaret that has tickets up to September, strongly recommended. For plays, I would definitely recommend queuing on a Saturday morning to get £15 tickets for a play in the National Theatre, definitely a right choice for great productions.

Have another London love pick? Leave your comment 🙂


2 thoughts on “5 things I love in London

  1. One thing I can add: Award-winning and historically interesting pubs are everywhere. I only recently properly appreciated that when I tried to find a place to chat and drink in Austria and nowhere was quiet enough…

    1. Totally agreed. Yet, some of my friends who came visit say they went to ‘the oldest pub in London’ and they appeared to have had a pint in different places… so perhaps some of those historical plaques might not be very accurate 🙂

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