The Cappuccino Series goes #mocha: Bermondsey Street Coffee

I must admit: I haven’t been posting about The Cappuccino Series. Yet, it does not mean that I haven’t been going to cafes for a caffeine shot. It is just my laziness in writing endlessly: my job, my essays, my dissertation, the blog.

Well, stop moaning, let’s get real: Bermondsey Street Coffee.
IMG_7977Look carefully at this picture and you see me and my friend Dian 🙂

I saw this place for the first time a couple of months ago, although it took me ages to finally go there for work — with my lovely Chinese classmate Dian. It is from a walking distance to my house, conveniently located in SE (gotta love Southeast London).

The place called  my attention because there is a sign in the road that reads FUCKOFEE and I simply love it.


Yet, #TheCappuccinoSeries went sweet: I ordered a mocha with cream, because I was feeling upset and I needed some sweetness in my life. I’ve got it here, picture. Everything is exaggerated here: it is probably the sweetest mocha I’ve ever had in my life, in the hipsterest cafe I’ve ever been, with the most creative loyalty card I’ve seen. So here it goes:

Place: Bermondsey Street Coffee
£2.90 with Soy Milk
Size: Medium
How is it: Mocha was so sweet that I couldn’t barely taste the coffee. I feel I need to go there again and be fair with them. So much chocolate on top that I was overloaded with sugar.
Final rating: ** – but I need to have the proper caffeine with no add ons.

The place itself is artsy, full of urban decorations, vintage furniture, modern people. Wifi is free, but it expires in one hour so you need to request another password. It can be annoying if you are going for a longer work, or you can just enjoy the break to have a snack and another coffee. Staff is definitely super friendly — I even had a chat with one of the baristas for some minutes after getting my coffee because there was no queue and he was fun. They have a variety of vegan options, pastries and cakes. I haven’t tried any (sugar overdose, I will mention countless times).

I do remember the playlist: indie rock, acoustic folk, folk rock. Definitely the best of that day, sugar, friend and good music.


This wall is so cool that it is the cover photo of my Facebook Profile. I dare to dream.

I would recommend the place if you are a hipster. If you wanna chill or do a quick job – reply to some emails, this sort of things. Also, I think it sort of reflects about Bermondsey spirit: urban, young, cool, vintage, definitely under the crazy-expensive-London living. Just go. I think they have a connection with Brick Lane Coffee, but I still need to figure this out.

You can check the #TheCappuccinoSeries on Instagram (follow me!) — I always upload it as soon as I get my cup.

Happy caffeine!

PS: Now that I see I am getting some views in this series from Google, let’s just add one point here. I am not a barista or a coffee specialist. I just like good coffee as much as I like good food and good wine. So I share my genuine thoughts in this blog, which purpose is to be completely personal 🙂


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