3 things in which I spend my money (and 3 things in which I do not spend loads)

Recently, I read a text about the things you should spend your money on and the things you shouldn’t mind putting loads on. Despite agreeing with most of it, I think it is unfair to tell people where they should spend money on — well, it is not your money, people spend money how they think it is better.

Still, it made me feel like writing about things I think are valuable and things I personally believe are not so worth it.

3 things I spend money on

1. Travelling

Ha. This is easy. This is the biggest passion in my life: to see how big the world is, how insignificant we are and how small our problems get when you cross boundaries and see the world. Although people think travelling is expensive, it can be cheap – I am a cheap traveler who stays in hostels, flies with RyanAir and doesn’t buy many souvenirs. What is kept from all such experiences is memories, and they are irreplaceable and unforgettable. You don’t even need to go far to challenge yourself, just go and visit that city nearby. I am sure you will not regret it, and I am happy to give you advice if you are thinking about doing it anytime soon.

minhas viagens

Proudly been there, suffering about all the spaces in between those pins – and that is not even the whole world map!

2. Food

Food for me is an experience. From preparing it to serving a good meal — I enjoy dealing with ingredients as much as I enjoy going to a restaurant. It can be healthy or unhealthy; vegan or barbecue; savoury or dessert… above all, food for me is a reason to bring people together and enjoy good times in life. Perhaps this is something I’ve got from my family, due to my mom and her mom who always liked having all the family at the table for a great lasagna, followed by a sweet cake in a 2-hour meal. I’d rather spend £20 to get to know a restaurant in London than getting four pints for the same price.

 Seafood risottoThis is a combo!!! Food during travelling. Seafood risotto in Brighton.

3. Courses

C’mon, I am an overseas student doing my MA in London. I’ve spent sh*tloads of money in the course, in the documents, in my Visa. This is an unforgettable experience that joins travelling with a challenge to my career, I’ve written a lot about it. Yet, this is an extreme example – the same applies for language courses, books, anything I can learn from. Again, this is something that you buy and no one can take away from you.


No comments on that. I should be writing my dissertation, but I am writing blog posts.

3 things I do not spend money on

1. Fashion

Ok, I like to look at the mirror and like what I see. I like make up, good clothes, shoes… however, I do not spend much money on it. I have two pairs of jeans only, a dark one and a light one, one winter coat, three party shirts, some dresses, some tops, two blazers, one jacket, two trainers, two pyjamas, but nothing crazy. My entire wardrobe fits in two suitcases easily. Some of the clothes I’ve got are from good brands, the ones I know that I want to last for a long time, but I really do not care about the tag attached to it. Even when buying in Primark, I am careful with my choices and think before buying a £4 top. Yeah. I am cheap.


Another combo! Proudly holding my fish, chips and haggis in my travel to Edinburgh with a ~posh luxury golden top~… that costed me £ 2 in a popular commercial centre in Brazil (lol)

2. Electronics

I am a tech person. I love it. I study it. I am a strong believer in technology to empower people, societies, companies and communities. Nonetheless, I do not see the point in having all the cr@p— er, gadgets that this market pressures us to have. All I need is a good computer and a good smartphone, perhaps a tablet (although I’ve been living well without my iPad, which I gave to my dad before coming here). There will always be a better mobile, a better laptop, a better new invention that they want you to buy. Yet, I do not think it is worth putting so much money on them unless they will make your life much easier.

mac crap

In this picture, I see: a Macbook Pro, an iPhone, and a return flight to Thailand with housing and amazing local meals and places to visit there.

3. Cosmetics

Oh boy… This one is tricky. I like make up, I love the smell after a shower, I like having my nails done (and to be honest I spend 1 hour a week doing my nails at home). Still, as a 27-year old woman, I can easily list all my cosmetics in a non-extensive bullet points list. There is no miracle, I will get older, I will get wrinkles, I might want to have one special facial cream in the future, but what do I need more now than facial sunblock (even in England, yes, I wear it everyday), body cream, one perfume, shampoo, conditioner, hair cream and a small bag of make up? I mean, I would probably let them expire if I buy more than that, I do not have patience to spend hours rubbing myself or going to saloons for special treatments. Less is more for me, and the beauty industry will ALWAYS tell you could look better. They want your money. They won’t have mine (he he).

mirror selfie morocco

Mirror check before exploring the medinas in Marrakesh. On my face, sunscreen, mascara, eyeliner and a big smile. I feel beautiful, I look at it and feel fabulous.

oh, and yes: you are beautiful too.


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