#TheCappuccinoSeries: Fowlds

One of the greatest things of living in London is to be able to avoid the crowds, hunting special places across areas that are not in zone 1. Which means: you will find great places, with a better price than the ones near Trafalgar Square, Picadilly, Soho and others, with great people and a unique identity.

Fowlds cafe is a case in point. It’s a hidden place near the Burgess Park, Southeast London. Yet, it is quite traditional — it operates since 1926.

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Bike and pet friendly, this cafe has a nice view to the park and it is a great pick if you live in the area, or if you want to chill after a walk over the park lakes or a tennis match. Burgess has tennis courts, and so you see people coming in with their sport kits.


fowlds cafe cappuccinoPlace: Fowlds
Price: £ 2.50
Size: Medium
Characteristics: not so sweet, perfect layer of creamy foam on top of my skimmed milk cappuccino. I like when the cappuccino is not so creamy, you can drink it while having a proper layer of foam, hard to achieve… and yes, you are seeing a lot of chocolate sprinkles (very good quality chocolate, by the way). It is a good pick, go for it.
Final rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars ****

I found out about Fowlds because my  flatmate’s friend (with whom I became friends with too, after she spent a couple of nights in my house) works there. So, the staff is absolutely fantastic, super friendly. Side note: I am not saying this just because I know her. They are all nice to everyone: you can easily get that because loyal customers greet them by their names. Equally, staff greets them by their names, and even remember their dog’s names (best buddies are always together).

As you can see by the picture, I had my laptop because I was there to work in my essay during a grey — yet mild — Saturday afternoon. I don’t recommend Fowlds for work, though, the place is really small. The atmosphere is comfy for a chat, decorated with wooden objects that give the place a sense of being a part of the history of the area.

That said, I have to talk about what is REALLY worth the visit to the Fowlds. The food.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 21.22.15Sandwiches menu changes every day, which is good, because you can try different things every time you go there. The ingredients and the bread that they use to make the sandwiches are very good quality — I do not know if they are organic or what is that about. I’ve tried the Fowlds Favourite, with prosciutto, cheese, rockets and cherry tomatoes. Absolutely fantastic. I’ve also tried one with figs, also worth every single calorie.

Cakes are home made, not so sweet. I tried one with strawberries and almonds.

Also, they have pastel de nata! If you are Portuguese and you miss home, you already know where to go.
Atmosphere: artsy, local cafe, antique.
Vegan options: not sure, but they do have vegetarian.
Gluten free options: not sure.
Pet friendly: yes (they will great your dog by their name).
Wi Fi: yes
Long term work: no

Fowlds Cafe
3 Addington Square
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

This is the second post of #TheCappuccinoSeries. Here is the first one. Do you have any suggestion? Have you been in a place worth visiting – in London or anywhere in Europe? Instagram it or Twitt it to me using the hashtag. I’d be happy to try your pick.


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